NBA 2K 19 is another game from the annual NBA 2K iconic sports series. This is a basketball game in which there are many modes available, including the popular MyCareer and MyTeam. Here the most important will be NBA 2K19 Cards and NBA 2K19 Virtual Currency. There is no doubt about that – when building your team and achieving successes, you will need the cards and the currency you need to get. In this guide I will show you how to get NBA 2K19 Cards and NBA 2K19 VC for free. Here we go

NBA 2K19 Currency is VC (Virtual Currency). NBA 2K19 Items are: Cards – the most expensive items.

As I mentioned in the introduction, you need currency and cards the most, because you build your team on them and if the team is strong, it gives you success in matches with opponents. Building a team doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a method to earn a lot of currency and cards. In the next part of the NBA 2K19 game guide I will show you this method to earn Free NBA 2K19 VC and Cards.

How to get NBA 2K19 Free VC Virtual Currency and NBA 2K19 Free Cards – Is it possible to get NBA 2K19 VC and Cards?

Yes, it is possible and requires little effort. The method is to play mobile games, install free apps, complete surveys or ad offers, and earn currency and cards items in the game NBA 2K19. By spending 15 minutes a day you can earn a lot of free cards and currency. You can get NBA 2K19 VC and NBA 2K19 Cards for any device: PC, PlayStation (NBA 2K19 PS4), Xbox (NBA 2K19 Xbox), Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Below I will show you how to get them:

Receive NBA 2K19 VC and NBA 2K19 Cards – It’s easy

  1. Click the button “GET NBA 2K19 VC AND CARDS”
  2. Enter account Username/Platform and select amount of VC and Cards.
  3. Confirm completing 2 tasks: Installing Apps, Playing Games or Completing Ad Offers ONLY 2 TASKS
  4. Receive NBA 2K19 Resources in game