The new Madden 20 impresses players and provides fantastic experiences. We have waited many months for this game. The next, twentieth version of the cult game Madden NFL series was released on August 2, 2019 and since then has been conquering popularity rankings. In the “sports game” category it ranks 3rd. Undoubtedly, the game is the most popular in the USA, Canada and Australia, where it has been sold hundreds of thousands since premiere.

Madden NFL 20 Players need Currency

If you look at the most frequently searched phrases in the search engine then you will find “How to get Madden 20 Coins” “Madden 20 Free Coins” “Madden 20 Coin making method” etc. Madden 20 players are looking for methods to get currency. The currency of Madden 20 is Coins and Points. I know many methods to get it, but most of them will be time consuming, so I skip them. The best way to earn or rather earn coins and points for Madden 20 will be to use the method offered by the GameItems.Online website.

Earning Madden 20 Coins and Points – Is is possible?

This method is the simplest of all. It allows you to earn lots of coins and points in Madden NFL 20 without spending cash in the game. Let’s be honest – buying currency in Madden 20 is too expensive and doesn’t give the amount you need. The method to earn currency for Madden 20 is as follows. Using the site, enter your username or email, choose the amount of currency: Coins and Points. Then you complete the captcha verification and install several apps (You install from the official Google Play or App Store depending on your device) or by making several ad offers or surveys. This gives you earn from 100k to 2.5 million coins and 2200 to 12000 points. In my and many players opinion this is the best way to earn Madden Ultimate Team coins and points by spending definitely less time on it.

How to get Madden NFL 20 Coins and Points? – Here is answer


    1. Click the button “EARN MADDEN 20 COINS AND POINTS”
    2. Enter account Username/Platform and select amount of Coins and Points.
    3. Confirm completing 2 tasks: Installing Apps, Playing Games or Completing Ad Offers ONLY 2 TASKS
    4. Receive Madden Resources in game